Parent Contact

Parent School Contact

Open Day: At least once a month, an Open Day is arranged for parents to visit the school to meet the teaching staff.

Quarterly Meeting: At the end of each quarter, parents are invited to attend a parent-teacher conference to discuss their child’s progress and to receive a written report.

By Appointment: Parents are advised to make an appointment to meet teachers/Heads.

School Diary: Teachers and parents communicate with each other through the school diary.

Newsletter: The School produces a Newsletter which is distributed to all parents.

Functions: Parents are invited to attend a number of functions during the year as members of the audience and the school staff meets them informally on these occasions.
Major functions to which parents are invited are:
Prize Distribution
School Concerts
Speech Competitions
Music Evenings

The School Magazine: The School Magazine which contains news and articles is produced by the staff and students and distributed to all parents.