Physics Lab

In our Physics Laboratory, experiments are conducted by Higher Secondary students. The two major types of experiments conducted include the General and Electrical experiments.

All experiments conducted are based on Higher Secondary syllabus. The student understand the principle by carrying out the General experiments like Spectrometer for determining the wavelength etc., and Electrical experiments like OP-Amp, Junction and Zener diode, Logic Gates etc. Based on the Electrical experiments they also construct the circuit individually.

Every year the equipments are upgraded based on the syllabus and maintained in good condition.

The following apparatus are available in the Physics Lab:

  • Ammeter
  • Spectrometer
  • Potentiometer
  • Meter Bridge
  • Galvanometer
  • Transistor
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Known Resistance
  • Rehostat
  • Screw Guage
  • One way Key
  • Two way Key
  • Zener Diode


Chemistry Lab:

The lab provides the following to the students for carrying out their experiments:

  • Kips Apparatus
  • Burette
  • Pipette
  • Test tube, Test tube Stand
  • Beaker
  • Conical Flask
  • Watch Glass and
  • Chemicals


Biology Lab

This lab caters to Botany and Zoology subjects for Higher Secondary students. The lab is equipped with the slides necessary for these students. Fresh specimens are provided to the students during the practical classes. The slides and specimen are updated yearly to cater to the syllabus.

The following equipments are available in the Biology Lab:

  • Specimens
  • Slides
  • Compound Microscope
  • Hot water Bath
  • Dissection Microscope
  • Glass Equipments
  • Chemicals for qualitative tests


Mathematics Lab

This lab is a dream to our children and various steps are being taken to make this dream come true. It helps students overcome their fear about Mathematics and makes learning enjoyable. Students operate the system under teacher’s guidance and understanding the concepts are made easier now.

Using the manipulates, students create various shapes and estimate perimeter and areas for these figures. This increases the creativity of the students. ‘Learning by doing’ is the main idea behind this lab and adequate opportunities are provided to all students for grasping the concepts and retaining them forever. 

The following equipments are available in the Mathematics Lab:

  • Maths Kit Senior -I
  •  Maths Kit Senior-II
  • Jumbo Geometry Box Magnetic
  • Roman Number Kit
  • Integer Number Line Bar
  • Place Value Mat with Stacking Counter
  • Place Value Sticks
  • Marble set of 400 pcs. In 4 color)
  • Case 1 (a+b+c)2
  • Case 2 (a+b)2-(a-b)2=4 ab
  • Cubic Identity (a+b)3
  • Algebra Kit


Computer Lab

Students from Class VI to XII use the Computer Lab under the guidance of fully trained competent teachers. While the students of Class VI to IX learn the system basics like MS Office, Visual Basic, HTML etc., the higher secondary students learn Window basics, Linux OS and programming languages like C and C++.

Regular practical conducted for Class XI and XII students and assessed for their internal marks. Students eagerly learn and enjoy the practical classes. These practical classes enable the students to understand the theory better and are able to perform better in their examinations.

There are around 20 desktop computers in the lab and students work on them individually. This enables them to face the Public Examination confidently. All computers have UPS backup and also the School has a dedicated Generator, and so disruptions during power outage is avoided.

All the computers in the Lab are provided with Broadband Internet connection for students to browse and learn from Internet resources also.



  • The school has a well trained Volley Ball, Throw Ball in the Under 14, Under 17 and Under 19 categories. The school has participated in the Zonal and district and divisional level competitions.
  • The school also has Table tennis teams.
  • The school has basket ball court, Volleyball and Badminton court for students.
  • Chess academy has been started this year with 10 students.
  • Mass drill is conducted for all classes every Friday after school hours.
  • Yoga classes are conducted for Class VI to XII students. Two Asanas are taught in each class as per the syllabus.
  • The special equipments made available to the students include Dumbbells, Lezium, Hoops, and Wands.
  • Indoor Table-tennis room with one table is available in the school.
  • First aid kit is available in the school