Mathematics Lab

This lab is a dream to our children and various steps are being taken to make this dream come true. It helps students overcome their fear about Mathematics and makes learning enjoyable. Students operate the system under teacher’s guidance and understanding the concepts are made easier now.

Using the manipulates, students create various shapes and estimate perimeter and areas for these figures. This increases the creativity of the students. ‘Learning by doing’ is the main idea behind this lab and adequate opportunities are provided to all students for grasping the concepts and retaining them forever.


The following equipments are available in the Mathematics Lab:

  • Maths Kit Senior -I
  • Maths Kit Senior-II
  • Jumbo Geometry Box Magnetic
  • Roman Number Kit
  • Integer Number Line Bar
  • Place Value Mat with Stacking Counter
  • Place Value Sticks
  • Marble set of 400 pcs. In 4 color)
  • Case 1 (a+b+c)2
  • Case 2 (a+b)2-(a-b)2=4 ab
  • Cubic Identity (a+b)3
  • Algebra Kit