Parents Corner

Note to Parents:

1.Parents/Guardians are requested to cooperate with the school authorities to ensure discipline and conduct among the students. Parents are also requested to check if their wards are studying their daily lessons and make sure that the children participate in the school activities actively and enthusiastically.

2.It is best that the parents/guardians read and take note of the
notices from the school and append their signature and send them through the students.

3.It is requested that the parents/guardians read, sign and send examination and other notifications immediately without delay.

4.Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to meet their children or their class teachers without prior permission from Principal during the school hours.

5.Complains, if any, can be informed to Principal rather than to the class teachers.

6.Parents/Guardians are welcomed to meet Principal or Chairperson with prior permission during the school hours. Parents/Guardians are requested not to take away or disturb their wards during the school hours.

7.Parents are requested not to send students wearing expensive jewelry. They are also requested not to give money to the students for eating outside food.

8.The school is not responsible for loss of money or any other things that the students bring to the school.

9.Parents are requested to sign and also ensure that their children do their daily homework.

10.Parents are requested to send their children on time to the school.

Parents Meeting

Apart from interacting with the parents through the Students Handbook, the school also has regular Parents – Teachers meeting. Suggestions that are discussed during such meetings are analyzed and implemented.