Why us?


The school aims at dispelling the darkness of ignorance by promoting the growth of integrated personality of the students through character formation, providing them a sound, moral, intellectual, aesthetic and eco friendly education which will help them to be more tolerant, compassionate, forgiving, nature loving and concerned towards the humanity and specially the less privileged. We will achieve 100% literacy in the neighbourhood in the coming five years by involving the students through regular visits to the slums, orphanages and jails and organizing literacy drive programmes.

5 reasons why Tiny Scholars family is where you belong:

Whole -Education

– Tiny Scholars believes that skill development is essential for the holistic development of the students. Arts, crafts, music, dance, drama and sports are given as much importance as academics which help the students to prepare for life. Tiny Scholars School is the only school that reports Whole Education, placing it at par with academics.

Leadership Curriculum

– The main agenda of the leadership curriculum at Tiny Scholars is connecting the student to the society, to the environment and most importantly to their self. The Leadership Curriculum, unique to Indus, allows for students to set skill-based goals in several areas.

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

– Tiny Scholars is one of the few schools that follow an open-door communication policy with parents as they are the partners in the child’s education. To facilitate this, the school has a Parental Advisory Committee [PAC] which was formed to give parents a platform to share feedback that they have on any aspect of school life.


–The wide-spread green campus includes all the facilities to cater to an internationally designed curriculum for learning and personality development. The school campus comprises of smart classrooms, activity rooms, art and music room, libraries, spacious playing and athletic fields, sprawling gardens and playgrounds to ensure a holistic growth