Admission Procedure
The completed Admission Form along with copies of birth and health certificates, 3 passport size photographs and the Registration Fees (non-refundable) must be submitted to the school office.
After the Admission Form has been processed, a date is given for the applicant’s assessment.
Parents are informed of the outcome within one week of the child’s assessment. If a place is offered, the child’s admission / enrolment must be confirmed and all dues paid within 3 days of the date of offer.
If, within 3 days, enrollment is not confirmed, the child’s place is offered to another candidate.


All pupils must enter the school premises wearing full and correct uniform.
Jewellery is strictly prohibited – except for simple studs or rings in girls’ ears.
Watches should have a plain black, brown or metal strap.
For the convenience of parents, the school recommends shops where ready-made school uniform is available. However, parents are welcome to purchase the school uniform from any shop of their choice or to get it tailored.
The school is not responsible for matters concerning the provision of the uniform.
All items of school uniform must be labeled with the child’s name.​