Principal Message

Mrs Reena Khajuria

Principal, Tiny Scholars School Kathua

“Success is a journey, not a destination. Its happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road.”

Dear students,

The time for achieving Success is today, not tomorrow. Success the magical word is always alluring to every mortal on the planet. But What is the underlying secret of success? It is only the Action. When a man feels throbbing within him the power to do what he undertakes, it is success another essential ingredient is to take action is perseverance for hard work. It is the yeast that raises the dough!

The heights were not achieved by the great men in sudden flight. But they were toiling upward in the night when their companions were sleeping. Successful men always keep on moving. They may make mistakes but they don’t quit. So always remember to take ups and down with equanimity. Take complete responsibility for yourself and stop becoming reasonable. The day you start practicing it will be the beginning of your journey of a successful life, so take time to work hard.

Set yourself on constant fire because success is the result of spontaneous combustion, so awake, arise, march and act to take the lead control your own destiny for a successful future are someone else will all the best for a glowing future ahead.